Welcome to motherhood, my first blog and…for Peta’s sake

I would like to introduce myself, Peta. The main reason for this blog is to document the ‘journey’ (oops I stole that term from reality TV) of myself as a new mum of Miss K, who I adore. 
Baby K is currently 9 and a half weeks old and absolutely gorgeous (no bias, she really is). She is smiling, laughing, talking to me and dad, lifting her head up during tummy time and rolling onto her side. She is such a happy baby that I feel feel blessed to have such an amazing baby in my life. 
I am a new mum at age 35, who was surprised at how time consuming motherhood really is but who is totally in love with Baby K. I am breastfeeding and initially had feelings of feeling trapped, cow-like and just overwhelmed by the whole thing. Week no 8 of Miss K’s life has been a turning point for me, feeding has become more predictable so I feel more comfortable venturing out to stroller group, mum’s group, playgroup …. any kind of group (that line is for my sisters – they will totally get the movie it is from :-). I am so proud that I am able to do so especially when I think back to the first few weeks of Baby K’s life.
The first few weeks after a 2-day labour were intense for everyone involved especially me. Sleep deprivation being the main cause I suspect. Sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture, why would the inventor of parenthood add this to the many things going on with new mums and dads. Where is the logic!!! If I could change how this parenthood thing works I would have babies be able to say at least 4 words from birth – food, sleep, nappy, hot/cold –  make that 5 – hugs – and would totally ditch the sleep deprivation thing, letting mums and dads have at least one 5 hour block of sleep per day.
Welcome to this blog and please enjoy the regular updates.  


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